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Why Should You Do a Detox? by Melissa Schollaert with Real Nutritious Living

The body is a sacred temple, the house of your spirit and life energy. If our physical body not up to speed, we’re more likely to be tired, holding onto extra weight and not be living to our full potential. Daily life can feel like a chore because we just don’t feel good and because our body systems are full of junk or blocked. Just as we take our cars into the shop to clean the engine and get a tune-up, so do our bodies need to be cleansed and tuned-up.

The body has accumulated toxins and needs maintenance just like a car; especially with all of the environment toxins and processed foods. Even with a clean diet and lifestyle, it’s always a good idea to cleanse a time or two per year because of our hectic modern day living, stressors and environmental factors out of our control. When millions of cells are clogged up with acid, sugar, mucus, toxins, etc., we may be sluggish, have a poor complexion, dull eyes, suffer from aches and pains, or be nervous, anxious, depressed and irritable.  We can often carry toxic waste that has been in the body for years. These toxins rob us of energy, youth, and vitality. Stored toxins can also make our bodies hold onto weight, so cleansing can be an ideal way to jump start a weight loss program. This is a sacred time for healing and cleansing, and should be seen as a time of regeneration and rejuvenation – it’s a great FRESH start!

The simple truth is: we are surrounded by toxins. In fact, we are exposed to more environmental toxins in one day than our grandparents were in an entire lifetime. Environmental chemicals in solvents, plastics, and adhesives; poisons in makeup, moisturizers, nail polish, hair dyes, and shampoos; pesticides, herbicides, and even parasites in soil, food and water; ingestible chemicals in junk and processed foods; the toxins released by our bodies when under consistent stress; even the toxic thoughts or words that we may subject ourselves to on a daily basis are all contributing to an ever-increasing lack of vitality and energy. The good news here is that we can choose to take an active role in feeling and looking better by cleansing the system, also called detoxing.

Some of the possible benefits of a detox:

• Increased energy • Mental clarity • Improved digestion • Allergy relief • Weight loss • Hormonal balance • Younger, radiant skin • Improved physical appearance • Longevity • disease prevention • Relief from many health conditions • Clarity in life path and goals • Less aches and pains • Increased general well-being • Better moods • Personal confidence and empowerment

If you do decide to do a detox, always check with your doctor first and do so under the assistance of Holistic Health Practitioner or other licensed medical professional. The photo used in this post is hanging in our office as a detox guide to clients.

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Melissa Schollaert is a Holistic Health & Nutrition Counselor and founder of Real Nutritious Living. Helping others achieve their health goals to attain their healthiest, happiest life is her greatest ambition.