Transformation Tuesday with Beth Hargis!

Meet Beth Hargis, our latest #TransformationTuesday story.  We hope her story will inspire you just like it has us!

"In Feb, I had come to the realization that I had lost myself, I was working full time, being a wife and mother of two, I never made time for me. I thought I was doing everything right, taking care of everyone, except me.  After 11 years, I was starting to become very stressed, bitter, and very unhappy with how I felt and looked physically. I was not practicing what I was preaching to my children. Tired of hearing myself say,  "one day when the kids are grown……".  My transformation began in Feb. when I was introduced to Evolution Fitness. I attended my first Body Shred class with Holly. I struggled through the class and could not even talk after, I was so out of breath. I hated that feeling but I was vey determined. I attended cardio boxing and was blown away, it was a blast!! From this point forward, my mindset was changed thanks to the wide variety of classes and times, but most importantly the wonderful Instructors who have pushed, inspired, and cheered me on. I am reaching my goals! Not only am I kicking BUTT in Body Shred, but I have also added TRX/Spin Fusion to my Thursday night workout, that's back to back classes! And, it's not because the workouts are easy, but it's because I am getting stronger and I am loving the challenge! The instructors are there every step of the way!! My transformation has not only been a physical one but also mental.  It has not only transformed me, but also my family. I have learned through my fitness journey that I can have this time for myself. I have also found In so many ways, that I am a better Mother. My children are always excited to hear how Mom's class went!! Every time I put my clothes on, I see the results!!! My hardest decision now is choosing which classes I will attend each week!! I love them all and The Evolution Gang!!

Thank you Beth for sharing your story, we love witnessing your transformation first hand. We are so very proud of you!  

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Inspire, transform, evolve with Beth Hargis. #TransformationTuesday

Inspire, transform, evolve with Beth Hargis. #TransformationTuesday